Agricultural diagnosis
by layers

Management efficiency
based on data.


Know the degree of
maturation by line of 
all your plots and
choose better points of entry for harvesting

Monitor each weed plant
with precision of
meters and gain
very efficient use
of pesticides

Monitor nutritional deficiencies
and characteristics of all your crops and increase your productivity

Our clients

Farmers and agribusiness

Follow the development of your plantations, make more qualified management decisions and cut costs. We help to increase productivity in the field with centralized and digital online information.


Offer our solutions to your cooperative network and support each producer in better management decisions. Our state-of-the-art technology allows customized actions while maintaining great capillarity to increase the added value of the cooperative for each member.

Agricultural input companies and distributors

Differentiate your service by offering our technology and gain intelligence
to optimize, customize and target your offer in the market.

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