The simplest way to understand what happens on your property.

Platform to view and organize all Cromai's diagnostic solutions

Whatever the type of cultivation and the contracted solution, it will be available in Atlas

Tell the story of your culture


In the Atlas, everything is kept and it is possible to delve into every detail of the diagnoses

Access via the web, from any browser


Use Cromai Atlas to concentrate everything that happens in your field.


Your results and analysis together, anywhere

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Interface designed for agriculture

Simplicity is the language of the field. Our effort is always to translate this into the best agronomic management platform you can get.

See Cromai Atlas in our solutions


Know the degree of
maturation by line of 
all your plots and
choose better points of entry for harvesting


Monitor each weed plant
with precision of
meters and gain
very efficient use
of pesticides


Monitor nutritional deficiencies
and characteristics of all your crops and increase your productivity