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Get to know the maturation distribution of your crops at the end of each day


Having little information is a challenge to define the harvest logistics, making it difficult to obtain the best possible result.

More cherry beans

With the Cromai solution, the
producer takes the best
entry decisions in
fields and lines because they
view everything in real time

More efficiency

Much more monitoring
efficient: analysis of the entire
plot, line by line, plant  by plant, accurately and affordably

More crop management

Accurate information for
application decisions
maturants and retardants,
allocation of labor, 
fuel consumption and more

How it works

With our smart device, the Cromai Sentinel, we travel the lines and capture hundreds of photos.

The images are analyzed instantly and everything can be viewed at any time online.


Portable sensor to capture images of each plant and in each row of all fields

Motorcycle operation: fast, light and without damage to the plantation

Mobile control with just a few clicks

Possibility of more sensors per crop

Cromai's artificial intelligence detects the ripeness of each grain with much greater precision than current methods. We identify color, shape and texture patterns in an algorithm trained in the field by Cromai

Accurate data collected with GPS location and recorded history online

Unique Brazilian technology in the world and internationally recognized


Field tested

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