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Monitor the quality of your
crop accurately

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Plantas daninhas

Daninhas específicas

Early and thorough analysis of the plantation. Within minutes it is possible to identify each weed, even in small outbreaks. We see far beyond the stains and rocks

More savings

Helps to manage weed management and greatly reduce the cost of applying pesticides

4 types of weeds

Detects the main types of weeds: castor, mucuna, silk-grass and fedegoso. Our  AI works constantly to update the weeds list



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(Porte alto)


(Porte baixo)



Outras folhas largas

How it works

With aerial images of the planted area, artificial intelligence from Cromai Scan analyzes every square meter and detects weeds with high precision.

Data and geolocation generate industry-standard mapping files and help you create application maps.


With the help of Cromai, our clients plans the best flight windows for capturing images.

With the inclusion of the mosaic image, Cromai Scan analyzes and creates mapped files with high precision


The maps are used for direct application maps and decision making for herbicide application

Vegetable Impurity


More quality

Control the quality of 100% of the sugarcane that arrives at your plant by PCTS. Identify inadequacies and instantly alert your crop fronts

Accuracy, speed and security

Instantly monitor all samples from all trucks entering the plant

How it works

Using the Cromai Sentinel smart sensor installed on the PCTS probe, our client triggers remote monitoring and tracks deliveries via his mobile device

It is also possible to create from the data a warning routine ahead of harvest and a complete management report for monitoring the leaders

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