An application of Cromai Artificial Intelligence for a unique case in the world


Cromai Capture is a version of Cromai's Artificial Intelligence for mobile devices. With this technology, it is possible to take Cromai lightly and cheaply to places where the analysis could not have been done before.

In a pioneer and unique project in the world with the brazilian Citriculture Defense Fund (Fundecitrus), Cromai developed an application that detects the Psyllid vector, responsible for Greening desease.


In the palm of your hand

The Cromai Capture application can be installed on the Android platform, with only a few minimum processing requirements and camera resolution


Save hours of analysis

Individual and aggregate results in minutes


Optimized interface

As an application, the Capture interface was designed for small screens

Detection of Psyllids: a unique case in the world

In partnership with the Citriculture Defense Fund (Fundecitrus), Cromai developed a solution for the mass detection of the Psilidium pest, a Greenning vector, in Brazilian orange groves. Greening is the most destructive citrus disease in Brazil and the greatest threat to citrus production worldwide.


Cromai Capture enables agricultural technicians
and other members of the agricultural team to perform diagnostics easily and quickly, using the application installed on the cell phone.

The images of the traps scattered around the plantation are processed in seconds in search of the Psyllid and the results sent to the Fundecitrus database.