Cutting-edge technology for accurate diagnostics


Intelligent sensor for image capture and analysis

It is capable of generating diagnostic maps in real time and without the need for internet connection


Control of sensors via smartphone

Start the process and let Sentinel handle the diagnosis automatically


Geolocation for proximity diagnosis

For diagnostics where image resolution is essential for analysis


Multiple uses

It is possible to use multiple Cromai Sentinel for the same solution, increasing the precision and agility of the operation. Sentinel allows static and dynamic couplings (for example: agricultural machines, motorcycles and walking)

Light, portable, modular and easy to use


Sentinel was thought to be an intelligent device in the analysis, but also in the use


No internet connection required to analyze


The Sentinel system has an embedded computer that goes with the specific AI model trained for each situation. This computer processes locally and generates the diagnosis without the need for internet. At headquarters, with internet, the client can send diagnostics to Cromai Atlas in seconds

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Know the degree of
maturation by line of 
all your plots and
choose better points of entry for harvesting


Monitor each weed plant
with precision of
meters and gain
very efficient use
of pesticides


Monitor nutritional deficiencies
and characteristics of all your crops and increase your productivity