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Cromai is a pioneer in the application of a frontier technology, computer vision, which identifies patterns in images collected in the field to offer diagnostics that allow better grounding in agronomic decision-making. We have a team of agronomists and developers who work closely with our clients to bring the best solutions to Brazilian agribusiness.


We are already recognized among the most important agtech startups in the world. We are very proud to have solutions with global potential but genuinely Brazilian and created in the first place for our country. We know that there is still a huge way to go, but we are focused on delivering more and more.

First Brazilian among the 5 most promising startups in the world in agribusiness

Startup Insights selected Cromai among the 5 most promising startups in the world in Computer Vision for Agriculture. With a global network of more than 300 "technology scouts", since its foundation they have analyzed more than 850,000 startups and emerging companies.

100 Startups to Watch 2019

Cromai is one of the 100 Brazilian startups to keep an eye on in 2019. The selection is the result of a partnership between the magazines 'Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios', 'Época Negócios', by Editora Globo, and consultants Corp.vc and EloGroup .

Articles in partnership with Embrapa

Between 2019 and 2020, the first international scientific articles were published as a result of the partnership between Cromai and Embrapa. In addition to applying technology advances in the field, we are very proud to contribute to scientific advancement in the area.

Mentoring with Google Israel in 2018

The Google Campus of Tel Aviv selected Cromai, from startpus worldwide, as one of the 10 companies with the most promising computer vision technology. It was a week of immersion and mentoring in Israel, Google's computer vision development hub!

Brazil Conference 2019

Cromai was one of the 5 startups selected to pitch at the Brazil Conference in Boston, USA. The event organizers, Brazilians who are at Harvard and MIT, selected the solutions with the greatest potential for positive impact in Brazil.

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Artificial intelligence

Computer Vision is the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence dedicated to the identification of patterns in images. Several automatic identification technologies in the world are being launched, whether for public safety, health or even in retail. Since 2017 Cromai has developed its own methods, tools and processes for training computer vision models dedicated to applications in the field.

For those interested in the subject: our team is one of the most advanced in the development of models and techniques of deep learning. With each new challenge Cromai pushes the frontier of knowledge a little further to deliver concrete results to producers

Computer vision allows analysis beyond human capacity. Our neural networks analyze:





Understand how our solutions applied in the field work. Each of the technologies below allows our clients to capture and analyze data with high precision and reliability.

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