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Closely analyze the health and development of your crops

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Nutritional deficiency

Thorough monitoring

With the Cromai soy solution, the producer monitors the nutritional evolution of each plant using the existing operation

Better decisions

With the qualification of satisfaction / dissatisfaction of the nutritional levels of the plant, our customers can determine application of foliar fertilizers and structure soil studies in an intelligent and agile way

More planning

Current analysis take a long time and hardly allow actions in the same harvest. The Cromai solution makes room for new management operations and productivity gains.

How it works

With Cromai Sentinel attached to the spray boom, Cromai's intelligent device can analyze meter by meter the sufficiencies and shortcomings of macro and micro nutrients in the crop. We have more than 3 years of development in artificial intelligence for agriculture

Cromai AI analyzes color, shape and texture of foliage and correlates this to our learning base that captures efficiency patterns with a sensitivity more than 20 times greater than the human eye.

On the Cromai Atlas platform, the customer can view the results and history in a simple and quick way.

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